Shake up your wake up with All4Sports...

Our All4Sports Breakfast Clubs run for up to 60 minutes from Monday to Friday, and help stimulate the learning experiences for your child.

Why exercise before school?

Evidence has shown that physical activity prior to learning within the school day increase their cognitive engagement and helps prepare your child for the day ahead.

We make sure that all of our breakfast clubs offer a range of activities, from playing a variety of sports to colouring/quiet reading for those who wish to relax. Breakfast is also served to all the children.


Is breakfast really that important?

Breakfast ensures glucose levels are restored after sleep, providing the brain with the energy it needs to function at its best. This results in improved concentration levels and memory;  some studies have even shown breakfast is linked to improved behaviour.

My son absolutely loves breakfast and after school clubs! He doesn't like when I pick him up early as he's having too much fun! I would very much recommend it!

~Daniela Manca 05.06.19


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